You Have The Ability to be Great!

We know the outcome…does it matter yes, but do not use this as an excuse to become lazy, not care and get lost in the desired outcome you wanted should it be different than how it happened.

You are an amazing individual with great potential. The United States is a great nation. I have traveled the world and have seen how in this country there is limitless possibilities. If you have a desire to do something or help yourself or someone- go, do it. If debt is stopping you, then set a goal and pay it off, then do your dream! You have talents and are meant to use them.

“Do not ask what this country can do for you, but ask what you can do for this country.” John F. Kennedy, January 21, 1961.

If we as American citizens give up, become lazy or just succumb to our addictions because we can, we will not be great even with a great president. Start being great today! Let the ripples of the common folk become like a tidal wave for your neighbors, leaders and  other countries feel.

How? Spend time connecting to you. Feel what your body tells you and what your emotions show you and focus your mind. Do not keep numbing yourself: feel, experience and learn to let go with this process. You are great! Work towards reaching your potential!


Nature at its greatness, Fall Upstate NY 2016