Yoga Poses to Help Relax in the Summer

Summer is OFFICIALLY HERE and If you’re a regular outdoor exerciser in the warmer months of the year, then you already know that the extreme heat wears your body down.

A great way to relax your body after a workout during a hot summer is to perform some yoga specifically forward fold positions. Here are some yoga poses to relieve stress and tension in the back, chest, and hamstring, boosting athletic performance and preventing your body from overheating. Staying relaxed and well-stretched during the summer is important for avoiding injury.

1) Child’s pose

Begin by kneeling on the floor with your knees touching and your bottom resting on your heels. Making sure to keep your back straight, exhale and bend forward. Make sure that your forehead goes all the way to the floor, while you keep your bottom on your heels.

2) Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Starting with mountain pose, put your right foot towards the back of the mat so you are facing the long edge of the mat. Begin to drop your hands to right above your feet. Adjust your feet so they are directly underneath your hands, then bring your hands up to your hips. Pushing your hands into your hips, push your chest upwards to elongate your torso. On an exhale, slowly dive your fingertips towards the mat, until your face is touching the mat.

3) Seated Forward Fold

From a seated position, extend your legs. Pull your toes back toward your body. Reach forward placing your hands on your legs, ankles, feet or floor. Draw forward through the top of your head using your abs.
4) Legs Up Against Wall

Bring your mat to a wall. From Knees-to-Chest, roll over onto one side until your gluteals touch the wall. Use your hands to roll onto your back, straightening your legs up the wall.

Separate your legs slightly to breathe more easily into the bottom of your lungs.