Our studio offers a variety of classes for the whole family and the benefits of taking your practice from “ME” to “WE” can be fabulous.


Family Yoga- By doing yoga with your toddler, big kid or spouse you are connecting and bonding in a special way, different from our usual play, interactions, and activities. For many people, and it is the intention, that when we walk in the studio you leave all issues at the door as it is a place to let go, and connect with your inner self. When you attend a Family Yoga, or Mom and Baby Yoga class, you are also getting to connect with your child in a relaxing environment. We dance, play games, and move into silly postures together. To see some parents being kids again is a joy in itself, as we so often forget to continue to “play” as we get older.


Tween Yoga- Don’t you wish that when you were a tween you were more in tune with your body, breathing, and took moments to relax and destress from your busy day? The stressors of kids and tweens, though much different from those of adults are still very real and in this class kids get to let go, and express themselves in ways that helps their confidence and relationships strengthen. We discuss topics like chakras, respect, compassion and many other yogic principles that are foundations of strong character and healthy relationships in life.


Mom & Baby Yoga- Weak shoulders, back, and slouching posture? These are all common with new moms given that they are so busy bending over to pick up baby, push strollers, etc. All new moms can benefit immensely by getting out of their usual routine, bonding with other women and babies for fun and moral support, getting back in tune with their body and posture and helping boost their mood. When we move and breathe deeply many people experience a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. A calm and happy mama = a calm and happy baby.


The benefits of these classes really are endless. I see so many families enjoying the community connection that the studio offers, the confidence that builds as they do partner and group poses with their little ones, the friendships that are made between new moms, and the strength that is taking place when new moms are getting back to their minds, bodies, and yoga practice.
I hope to see you this fall as we go from “ME to “WE” in our yoga practices.