Yoga Foods: Do's & Don't's


1. Fruits of all types
2. All vegetables, with the exception of onions and garlic
3. Whole grains
4. Beans, tofu, mung, aduki
5. Sesame, sunflower, and olive oil
6. Nuts and seeds (not salted or overly roasted)
7. Natural, raw sugar, maple, molasses
8. Cinnamon, mint, basil, turmeric, ginger, cumin
9. Herbal teas, water with lemon and/or lime


1. Meat and fish
2. Processed and/or artificial foods
3. Animal fats
4. Fried foods
5. White flour or sugar
6. Canned foods (not naturally canned tomatoes and fruit)
7. Garlic, onions, spicy foods
8. Microwaved foods
9. Overly cooked foods
10. Alcohol or tobacco