What is the parasympathetic nervous system?

With the sympathetic nervous system it makes the autonomic nervous systems that controls the automatic responses of the body. Example our breath or heartbeat. We use both simultaneously but when the parasympathetic is active it slows the heart beat down and relaxes the muscles. Exercise: as you inhale look to your right. Take a few breaths while you look forward. Then on your exhale look to your right. Inhale to center. Exhale look to your left. Did you notice a difference between moving on the inhale or the exhale? Another practice you can try is: lye on your back and bend your knees so feet are on floor. Lift one knee up, the other foot can stay on ground. Inhale straighten the leg, exhale re-bend knee, pause as you inhale then on the next exhale straighten leg again. Did you notice the difference here? Working on the exhale allows us utilize the parasympathetic nervous system and let the muscles relax enabling it to stretch.

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