Warrior 3


Per the story Downward Dogs & Warriors, Wisdom Tales for Modern Yogis

We learn that the warrior comes as the personification of righteous anger and the noble impulse to defend the innocent. With Warrior 1,2 and 3 you will see and feel the progression offering his efforts to the highest power, to one moving dynamically but with control into action.

From Warrior 1, exhale and lower the arms till they are parallel with the floor. We used blocks in the video to work on stabilizing the pelvis and standing leg, but the goal was to hold for 3 minutes to see how you feel both physically as well as emotionally. To do without the blocks, Inhale to extend the arms through the finders from the shoulder blades and lift the back leg off the floor at the same time. Keep the thigh parallel to the floor and continue to roll the hip of the back leg down. Just like in the video, block or no block the body will be one long line.