Warrior 2

Per the story Downward Dogs & Warriors, Wisdom Tales for Modern Yogis

We learn that the warrior comes as the personification of righteous anger and the noble impulse to defend the innocent. With Warrior 1,2 and 3 you will see and feel the progression offering his efforts to the highest power, to one moving dynamically but with control into action.

Inhale step back now, a little wider than the warrior 1 as the hips are open (length of one of your legs). Find comfort in this stance, one where you feel strong and ready for action but that you are still opening the hips as you press the sit bones down to the floor. The front foot keeps pointing toward the front of the mat, back foot, make it parallel to the short edge of your yoga mat. Press into the outsides of feet, so you may lift your arch up. Rotate the thighs away from the midline and bend the front knee. Continue to lift the pelvic floor even in this wide stance. Take 5 to 10 breaths and then exhale hands down and step back foot forward. Take a few breaths of observation and then do on the other side.