The Magic of Morning Yoga

Having a morning practice came out of necessity for me—it was the only way to

ensure that I would get my daily yoga practice in before my work day began.

Now, it has become an essential part of my daily life. Having a morning practice

has helped me develop Tapas—that discipline or internal flame that motivates

me to wake up at 5:20 am so that I can begin my day with yoga, knowing the

reward will be great.

After each practice I feel energized and ready to tackle the day in a more mindful

way. I am aware of my body and how it feels, what it needs or lacks. I am more

centered and focused and more prepared for what the day will bring.

A morning practice encourages better sleep habits (most days I do not need my

alarm clock), it builds a healthy routine and also increases your metabolism.

Having a morning practice frees up your evenings more and encourages a more

consistent practice, since there is much less chance of things interfering or

enticing you to skip it.

Practicing in the early morning is absolutely great. It is such a beautiful and

peaceful time of day. Asanas feel different, twists get deeper, backbends feel

more energizing (a great alternative to caffeine!), you feel stronger in standing

postures, and inversions are more calming.

Having this time to practice has shown me that I can dedicate time for myself and

offer my body, mind and spirit a place and time to be one. And now it has become

something I cannot do without!

-Jany Crespo