The Falcons Need to Work on their Meditation Practice:


I like, 72% of people who had their televisions on, watched the Super Bowl. That is a very impressive number of people watching an event. Growing up in Iowa, Football was a big part of my history. My brother, #67 was the center of our high school team so I spent every Friday night at some Iowa small town watching guys in tights hit and run after each other.

It is not my favorite pastime but it is nostalgic for me so I look forward to the Super Bowl, the commercials, and the halftime show. This year, as I watched with my father in law, we thought it would be a wash, as he stated, “the first team that scores is 90% of the time the one who wins.” I won’t go into the details, as you still can find them playing on ESPN and know this was not the case. At the end of the 3rd quarter, Atlanta was up 28 to 3 but you could see Atlanta lose focus. And Brady got pumped with hope the 3rd quarter ensued. As I watched the game, it was like listening to so many people gets into yoga and quiet or continues on.

In life, the prize is peace and joy.  People come to the studio in high hopes that they are going to feel and look better. Then after 4 months of seeing improvements, they think they can cost, skip a class or be lazy in class or not do a home practice. The focus of the prize has been lost. Then there are those that read and immerse themselves and let go of people and stuff that does not fit their goal. When Brady got into his zone, all he could see was his target. That is what we see in the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna was to win a competition, the heart of the princes. It seemed like an impossible shot but Arjuna had faith in God and his eye on the prize. He knew what his goal was and he attained it.

It doesn’t matter what the goal but the intention, the mindset needs to be there. If you fall get up and try it again. Keep practicing in your meditation. A few months ago one of my teachers asked me how my practice was, I said honestly not so good. The first part of my mala puts me to sleep or my mind wanders so much that I do not feel fulfilled when practicing. He gave me one tip and it has become a renewed love affair, something I look forward to every day and plan my day around it. Keep your eye on the prize and the faith in your heart.