Self Hypnosis w/ John Mongiovi

“The mind is a poor master, but a powerful servant.”

When we are led by our unconscious thoughts we tend to repeat our usual patterns, but you can change habitual patterns of thinking and set your mind to support your goals with self hypnosis. Self hypnosis, also known as autohypnosis, is a state during which you induce and deepen trance on your own. You can use
self hypnosis simply to reduce stress and anxiety, or you can direct it toward breaking habits and accomplishing goals.

In this self-hypnosis workshop you will:

• Learn classic, scientifically validated methods of relaxation and hypnotic induction.

• Understand how to give yourself hypnotic suggestions (auto-suggestion) effectively.

• Increase the power of mental imagery.

If you need to relieve stress, or enjoy exploring the power of focused thoughts, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the nation’s top hypnotists. John Mongiovi is a Board Certified Hypnotist in New York City.

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