Prescription Medication vs. Yoga Prescriptions.

Did you only think doctors give prescriptions? Do you wonder how they get the dosage? Have you noticed that they can change the dosage per what your feedback is? Yoga therapy is used in a similar fashion without several of the harsh side effects associated with prescription medications. Also, using yoga therapy with your current prescription medications can assist you in being more proactive with your doctor. Yoga allows you to be more connected to your body and be receptive to what it is showing you. Therefore, if there are side effects of a drug, one can make needed adjustments without adding another pill. You live with your health every day so it is your concern. When I work with individuals I look at what one is currently taking and the individual goals.  Then together we see what exercises, breathing techniques and meditation may help to minimize the effects of ones current lifestyle. Research has found that doing a personal practice of only 20 mins a day can leave lasting, positive health effects. Taking a pill is much easier but doing your own work may create a better quality of life. I hope you will dive into your own health.