Personal History

History is the study of past events. In honor of this special month of Black History, I would like to look at the importance of knowing your personal history. As you dive into your yoga practice, you become the history book. Yoga is Self-study. You can not heal without knowing your own history of how you learned to move, learned to eat, why you enjoy certain activities and dislike others, what your own birth was like, what are your personal habits and constant feelings that guide you to act. Then to go a step further, look at your family traits, how your family communicates with one another, and the genetic make-up of your family. With this knowledge we are able to change the wheel of karma, to heal ourselves, and to eventually realize that we were made in the image of God. The book Yoga & camp; Psychotherapy gives a brief description of yoga psychology: The theory that we create our environment rather than having it imposed on us. If our present situation was brought about by our past actions, thoughts, and desires, this implies that we can also transform this environment through our present and future actions. The unconsciousness needs to be explored and analyzed as this uncharted mind is full of memories, desires, and clues to assist us on our path to the goal of true knowledge. But the darkness that stores these corrupt impressions takes much courage and determination to master. The practice of yoga is not easy, but it is for those with purpose, will power, and a curious heart to know the history to change the present and the future. With this information, we see why it is so important to study not only our own habits and lifestyles but to ask why, how, when and what to our families. The more history we know, the more our practice will evolve because we can let go of the attachments that do not feed or nurture us. And we start to learn that much of our family and personal actions are mere habits that we never took the time to study.