March-Chakra 3: Manipura, Ram

The muscles associated with this area are the diaphragm, quadratus lumborum, psoas major and the organs are the intestines and adrenals. Manipura is translated as the city of gems, as this are of firehouses or self-identity and personal power. With a strong third chakra we are able to digest information that we need and let go of what we do not need allowing us to let go of other’s opinions and what they think allowing us to see our own truth. Working with the first chakra of earth and base gives that inner truth a platform to be, without our base – our truth may not be found.

Simple practice: Active cat/cow pose, Agni Sara and Downward facing dog. Or write about a very bad day you have had and let it go. Let your pen free and do daily writings to observe what you are holding onto and not letting go and write and let go.