Make Yoga Your New Years Resolution

As we reach the final days of 2015, we want YOU to make yoga a New Years resolution. How many times have we, knowingly or unknowingly, massaged our hurting back? Are we aging? The answer is “always”. It wouldn’t be late before you come to know that your body has become more flexible than ever before. For overall health, blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, improper sleep, stress, osteoporosis – yoga has answers to all these. For a fitter body, most of you would have ‘going to the gym’ or ‘cycling’ or ‘reducing my waistline’ on your resolution list. Yoga can help take care of all your weight-related concerns. For sharp minds and sharp decisions, yoga practices help you become a wiser and calmer person. You become capable of taking the right call at the right time without wasting time on re-strategizing.