Let the Skin be FREE

The skin is the largest organ of the body and its main function is to protect the other stuff like muscles, bones, blood vessels, other major organs and the systems of the body. It also acts as a thermostat to assist us in regulating our body temperature. This I find fascinating as a yoga teacher because many people do not like to sweat or smell, something one potentially does when moving with exercise or asana. One of our requests for the yoga class is to be clean, take a shower before hand to assist in this but also to eat a balanced diet and have less alcohol intake so when sweating the odor is less. I have recently found a great oil blend to assist me in minimizing my own personal body order as well as diet.  I do not use deodorant because many contain anti-perspirant or other chemicals where  skin can not breath. As mentioned before, the skin’s function is meant to detox the body and cool us off but if it cannot do its job, the functions of the body may be thrown off. The skin tells us a lot, for example if one breaks out, has hives or other skin disorders there may be some internal imbalance happening, from; diet, stress, sleep disorders, etc. I, the voice of your skin, beg you to listen to what it is telling you about the rest of your body. If you use products on your skin, see if they are from man made chemicals or natural ingredients from the earth. And try to make some small steps to assist in keeping your skin clear of chemicals so it can do its job! Heres the picture of what I started using, but you can be creative. Here is the company