Is desire bad?

Desire, per the online definition, a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Often we forget to allow ourselves to have desire. On Tuesday night, I desire a bath and it completely allows my body to relax, and there are days where people want me to do something and I have to say no due to my desire of bath time. This may seem like a simple example but when have you said no to someone because you craved to do something for you instead? When we get out of balance we tend to constantly crave things that may not be good for us. On the holidays, I enjoy homemade pie, I completely look forward to it but as the holidays go on and on and I continue to eat these sweets, I notice I get lethargic and short tempered. This is when my desire has overridden balance with too much desire. Sex is another form of desire that we all too often think is bad. I am married and I desire my husband. We are meant to have this desire to procreate to keep the human species going but we still need to keep this in balance to keep ourselves with the right amount of sleep, not letting go of too much of our essence where we can get tired and run down and where it takes away from our work, or duties. We over do, it creates an unbalance so allowing ourselves to be mindful keeps desire in a healthy place.