How to Tweak Your Triangle

Start with a warm up. The spine needs to be long so hips and lower back will need to be warm for this pose. Think of it more as a shape, you will build up to make two triangles, one with the arm and leg and one with the legs.

  1. Separate your feet a little wider than hip width, roll out the hips 10 times in both directions.
  2. Turn the toes out and do 10-30 squats keep the lower back long by pressing the pubic bone and center of the sit bones toward the floor.
  3. Turn toes to face forward, press the hips to right, the pelvis will be at a diagonal. Let the torso follow, the spine is now in an opposite diagonal than the pelvis. Keep the lower abdomen active/strong by pulling hte frong of the hip bones toward center and elongating the back. A slight lift toward the belly button, this keeps the psoas active with over doing it or letting it collapse the lower back. Breath here and see where you feel the pose. Everyone is different.
  4. Inhale bring the right hand over your head, your upper arm online with ear. Breath. Exhale down the right side to the outside of the right foot and up through the inner thigh and pelvis.

5. Rotate right foot to point to the center/top of the yoga mat. Then press the left heal back, it will be in a slight diagonal. This will give you more movement in the pelvis to have it face toward the center/top of the mat. Similar to a warrior 1 stance, slightly bend the right knee, keep the left hip hugging forward while you press into the back foot, the hips are in a closed position. Place the right hand on the inner  part of your right shin, on an exhale extend the right leg and  lift the left arm towards the ceiling. The hips will  follow the hand and torso as it opens up. You will not be on one plane as the left hip is slightly in front of the right. This the lower right arm to stay activated by pressing on the shin, easier to activate the perineum and lower abdomen all to assist the lower back.