How Gong Baths Healed Me

The first time I was at Omega teaching there was a special session by someone who heals with gong music or gong vibrations. As he started to play I could feel the vibrations go up my right leg and work up my body slowly relaxing my muscles, muscles I had a difficult time relaxing on my own. I talked with Kevin W( the person who plays at BambooMoves) about my experience and he shared that there all types of healing from gong bathes. So I wanted to do it again in a space that was more familiar to me,BambooMoves. As I took a comfortable lying position, I already felt my body soften and let go and become receptive to the vibrations that were to come. As Kevin began to fill up the space with the gong sound: tension,anger, sadness began to chip away. These were emotions that I didn’t even know I was carrying. I became lighter and as the sound finished I went to my breath and felt how deep and steady it was. I couldn’t speak much after the gong bath but I felt good, better than I had in a long time. With each gong bath, I get to continue to chip away at emotions and attachments at a deeper level which leave me lighter and feeling a bit better each time.

By Suzanne Scholten