Has BambooMoves changed you at all as a person?

These are a few comments from our online survey:

Amazing impact. Has changed my life since I started my practice in 2009. Thank you, especially to Suzanne for her support and all the teachers here.
Bamboo Moves has opened up the world of yoga to me in a non judgemental

,non competitive and supportive way.

I appreciate that they offered baby and me yoga classes. This helped me work on body and also include my baby and exposed him to the practice.
Helped me to feel more interconnected with like minded people in forest Hills. This has helped me to feel increased sense of peace and well being in my community. KNowing that Bamboo Moves exists nearby even when I am not actively practicing gives me great comfort
I feel able to move better and with less pain.
As a student and a teacher , I have grown spiritually through the knowledge and support of the owner and the students . The variety of workshops the diversity of people the atmosphere and the freedom to be and except each other .

The practice of yoga have meaning when good intention and inspiration is presented by the owner and teachers . And this is what. The heart of what bamboomoves is about.

I’ve learned to take more down time for myself
BambooMoves provides a supportive, comfortable environment to challenge myself physically, to become more centered and grounded, to relieve stress, to learn new things, and to meet interesting and like-minded people.
More centered in my commitments to peace and justice.
I have learned many new things they have taught me how to center myself