Habits, we all have them

In yoga we talk about habits, the habits of how we stand for example. Are you one that locks your knees? This is no national statistic by WEBMD but from my experience as a teacher, I would say 70% of the population locks their knees when they stand. Look around the subway platform next time and count, you will need an extra hand or two. Locking the knees puts pressure in the lower back and can overstretch the ligaments around the knee joint and hinder blood flow. I often think of joints as dams, if you want water to flow- you open the dam. If you want energy and blood to flow evenly throughout the body, you unlock the joints. If this is you, do a 6 month trial, anytime you are standing bend your knees a bit and feel your muscles work. If the legs get tired, lean against the wall while the knees are bent. Notice the health differences, potentially you can minimize headaches, menses pain, lower back pain and anxiety.