Giving Our Power Away

The past two months I have spent much time at the doctor’s office under tests to better understand my body from a physical/western sense. And as I went in every other day to be monitored, I found that the nurse thought I was a robot. I wanted to share my findings of how my body was reacting and she wouldn’t hear of it and yet wanted to prescribe something before we knew the whole story. I said no to her until all the tests were complete and the feeling I felt when I said no to her was “how dare you, I am in control here not you.” And I said, this is my body and I will move forward in the way I think is appropriate. But afterwards I felt so guilty like, I was a bad person and then I felt sad because I think many people when working with people in the medical field feel, “I don’t know anything”. But if one pays attention, one can hear subtle signs the body is speaking. When you work with someone in the medical field, know as much as you can about yourself. Take a journal for a few days, weeks, years to see any patterns or rhythms associated with your symptoms. If something doesn’t feel right, know you have choice, do not operate out of fear but out of your own personal awareness and information.