Freedom from emotional reactivity is a matter of awareness and choice.

The world is an amazing place. A year ago, celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary, my husband sat next to Dan Pecaut. He was coming home from a 10 day silent meditation in upstate NY. So of course they hit it off. And through much back and forth, my parents have joined his chi gong and meditation course. As many of you know, my mom and dad were only meditating with me and didn’t feel compelled to go to a class. However, Mr. Pecaut, was a student of my dad’s and wrote an amazing book about money. I found it fascinating because he looks at money by the four ways we use it and how we emotionally view it. Recently, he wrote the below in his newsletter, and I felt compelled to share:

“My heart is breaking for all the violence going on.

Violence is an ignorant reaction to fear, anger and confusion.

Violence is suffering made manifest, a product of being lost in thought and a reaction to the illusion of separateness.

Jun Po Roshi clearly and elegantly summarizes the essence of Mondo Zen with the following:


“Deep caring is the root.


Fear, sadness and genuine concern are the feelings.


Anger, shame and denial are examples of needless, ignorant habitual reactions.


Your freedom from these reactions is a matter of awareness and choice.”

        Jun Po Roshi

This is why we practice Zen concentration meditation.

Sit to still the mind, enter into pure awareness.

From this place, we can choose with compassion and clarity.

Freedom from emotional reactivity is a matter of awareness and choice.

Can there be any doubt that the world needs this now?

Peace begins within.

Here’s encouraging each of us in our meditation practice.”

By Dan Pecaut Author of Save,Spend, Invest, Give