Fear, what ARE you afraid of?

Where does fear come from? It seems to sit in a place of unknowing. We learn this with racism; often people who are racist do not know people of another race, culture or religion. In us it stems from a similar place – not knowing ourselves and having doubt. How often do you spend time by yourself? In silence? For those of you who run alone with music –NOT THE SAME THING!  When you run with music the mind tends to be disconnected to what the body feels. Try running in silence if you are used to running with music and see if your time, abilities and thoughts are different. We do not spend enough time getting to know who we are, the light and the darkness. We all have shadows that lurk around our minds and those dark feelings that come out when we are sober, or before the TV comes on or when the music is off.  These areas that we may not like need a voice, need space to be felt and often times once we pay attention they may teach us something and/or just leave. Have you ever needed to just talk about an issue? And then once you gave the issue a voice, you felt so much better even a little lighter? Fear is the same, give it some space to be understood and feel the lightness that may come.