FEAR, REALLY? It's just hair:

We have been hearing much about fear lately, fear of where the United States is heading, fear of China, fear who is going to win the election, fear of ISIS, fear or letting people express who they are, etc. you get my point. So I did a check in the other day….And I looked at how my life was going and I was living pretty comfortably, I have a good job, a great husband, a place to live and enough money to eat when we want and to go out when we are lazy. So I thought to myself, am I getting too comfortable? As a yogi, after my meditation, I often set intentions, and the recent one was to let go of fear, not just for me but as a whole society. Then a few days later, while petting a goat, in the Jersey City cemetery , a young man asked If I would be a model for his art. He is a barber and wanted to do something unique (see photo). At first, I wanted to say no. But then I checked in to see why, and these were my thoughts, “what will people think?” or “Will I be ugly with this haircut?” and “will people make fun of me, my circle of friends?” and I realized, these questions stemmed from fear. So I said no to fear and yes to life . I stood up to fear in a small way, but it was powerful.