Do you feel you have no time for you?

This is common, I see 3 main reasons people say this at the studio:

  1.  They have to take care of others
  2.  People have to work to pay the bills
  3.  They do not feel they are worth it 
  4. But you can take time for you! On an airplane they say, “put on your oxygen mask before assisting any other parties with you” because if you can’t breath, you can’t help the people with you or even take care of you. You are worth it. Taking care of yourself allows you to take better care of the people in your life or to work better, impressing the boss! Start by taking a 1 hr class, we have 3 of these per week and see how it goes and how you feel.
  5. Friday at 5:30 pm, Saturday at 10:30am, Saturday at 2:00pm.

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