Benefits of Backbends

Here is a list of benefits for practicing backbends:

Relieve anxiety and stress
One of the most notable benefits of backbends is relief of anxiety and stress. As I mentioned earlier, a daily backbend routine can do wonders to eliminate chronic anxiety that racks our bodies and minds. By opening up the front of your body,  you release and break through stress. To do so takes mental determination, discipline and dedication.

Bring your spine back to its natural flexion
We bend forward all day long, sitting at a desk, driving our car, picking up our kids or pets. I used to think it was supposed to be this way, that backbends weren’t natural. Turns out our spines are meant to be flexible and have a complete range of motion forward and backward. By regularly practicing backbends you will restore your spine to its natural flexibility, reducing your chances of injury. Increase the flexibility in your spine, increase the flexibility in your life!

Relieve chronic back or neck pain
If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, hatha/Bikram/hot yoga is for you. You’ll be amazed at the healing combination of heat and regular backbends for relieving pain. The best part of the Bikram yoga series is you do backbends throughout the class while also strengthening of your spine. The four postures in the spine strengthening series build strength all along your spine while simultaneously increasing flexibility. This winning combination of strength and flexibility will wipe away pain and give you back your body’s natural mobility and vibrance. Work hard in the spine strengthening series, every time you take class.

Improve breathing
In order to do a proper backbend (and enjoy it), you must breathe throughout the whole posture. By opening up your chest you will increase the amount of oxygen in your lugs and can slow down your breathing (slowing your heart rate and energizing the body). Decades worth of research has shown that regular and mindful breathing can reduce stress, cortisol levels in your body (stress hormone), help one focus and concentrate throughout the day.

Opens your mind and heart to new possibilities
By releasing and countering some of the tension on the backs of our spines (think shoulders and lower back) we can open up the front of our bodies to new people and experiences. Increasingly flexibility in the body mirrors itself in our minds.

Gain new perspectives
When you do a backbend, your world literally gets turned upside down. By seeing things from a new perspective, you can allow for new and fresh thoughts come to mind. Believe it or not, I’ve had several great ideas come to mind during or right after a backbend.

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