Before You Vote

There is always tension in the air around the presidential campaign. But this year, no matter who you are rooting for, there is a bit of fear as well.

Even though I’m not in the political field, I find it fascinating. I read books about past presidents, about policy change and have several news apps on my phone. But it is easy to get lost in the drama. And often when we get lost we tend to lose our ability to see the whole picture and let our “in the moment emotions” guide us. ¬†Or you may find that you are taking more blood pressure medication around this time!

Now is the time to find your center, let go of the outside world and go inward. Feel your body, your breath and focus your mind. Stay with your practice of mindfulness. Whether it is taking 3 long breaths before each meal, or stopping hourly at work or during a commercial break to close your eyes and breathe, or simply stretching your arms above your head and smiling. These practices will all help achieve the desired outcome. Do all you can with a loving, compassionate heart but without attachment. Attachment is where fear, anger and inertia sit. As the t-shirts say, “stay calm and carry on.”